Wood Flooring - An Environmentally Friendly Choice for Your Home


Laminate is created of wood; it is a composite product with other things in it.

Exactly what Types of Wooden Flooring are Available?

Strong wood floor covering - generally in the type of planks, is just wood lumber through and through. Popular tree types used for this are cherry, oak also walnut. More exotic options are Acacia or Bamboo which, though strictly speaking a lawn, carries out much the same as wood.Engineered flooring - is still solid wood, however, uses a soft wood base, such as pine, underneath a layer of wood such as oak.

Sustainability of Wood Flooring

In the lifetime of your wood flooring; there is a lot of time for freshly planted trees to grow and replace the ones used for your floor. All this makes wood flooring wonderfully sustainable, in addition to being a lovely addition to your home.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Flooring

Strong wood floorings are where you win over both laminate and carpet for being kind to the environment.However, your strong wood flooring locks in the carbon so it cannot contribute to co2 in the atmosphere. A new tree will be planted for each one used in your flooring and these trees will be starving for carbon dioxide, absorbing it from the environment to assist grow new wood. A typically sized wood floor is securing 170 kg of carbon which would transform to 630 kg of co2 if burnt.

Low Emissions from Manufacturing and Transport - a well taken care of wood floor could last a lifetime and unlike carpet typically enhances with age developing a rich patina. This keeps the emissions from transportation and production down. Co2 emissions from carrying typical flooring are 20 kg - a paltry amount compared to the 630 kg that your flooring is saving from reaching the environment.

Conserve Electricity - think how typically you should vacuum a carpet, using electrical power each time. Believe how simple it is to sweep a wood flooring, utilizing no electrical power at all. It's beneficial for the environment and lowers your electrical power costs. You can likewise damp mop a wooden flooring, however, no severe chemicals are required, some eco-friendly cleaning up added to the water is enough to lift stubborn dirt.You can decide to install a strong wood floor with a clean conscience, positive that you don't have to sacrifice design for strong ecological principles.